Decanter sets for bourbon, scotch, and whiskey have seen a recent rise in popularity. These sets are a throwback to the 1950s and 1960s after prohibition was abolished. The proliferation of new small-batch distilleries and the influx of new whiskey varieties from the big guys like Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, and Crown Royal are the main drivers of this revival.

What is a Whiskey Decanter, and What is it Used for?

A whiskey, scotch, or bourbon decanter was once reserved for the wealthiest people in order to preserve liquors because it was believed that liquor bottles were unsophisticated or unattractive and frequently difficult to reseal. They weren't just more attractive; they also addressed the issue of the cork drying out or degrading and tainting the flavor. Since that time, glass stoppers have been used on decanters in place of cork stoppers.

When whiskey became illegal during Prohibition, the whiskey decanter took on a new purpose as a way to conceal your illicit whiskey or scotch. They achieved this by disguising the alcohol inside a gorgeous glass decanter bottle. You might imagine that after prohibition ended in the 1950s and 1960s, the distributors of alcoholic beverages were more concerned with getting their products on the shelves to satisfy the enormous demand than with the aesthetics of their bottles. This led to a brand-new issue. With such unsightly bottles covering the counters, how was one to be a sophisticated socialite and give a party for one's wealthy friends? Introducing the unique whiskey decanter! A stylish method to display all of your liquors for guests to see. Additionally, because of their resealable stoppers, they are perfect for protecting your liquors from contact with the air, bugs, insects, and more.

Our whiskey decanters are excellent storage containers for all types of booze; they can be personalized with your name and have a tight seal to preserve the flavors for years. They are the ideal complement to our whiskey glasses, are built for simple pouring, and look great adorning the top of any counter from your home bar to your office.

It's simple to select a set that's ideal for any home or home bar thanks to the exquisite pairings and matching sets of decanters and whiskey glasses that have been made possible by the modern acceptance of alcohol.

Carson Smith