The Absolute Best Whiskey Gift Ideas for Whiskey Lovers

Buying a gift for someone who drinks whiskey is not as easy as you’d think! You have a lot to consider: Do they enjoy whiskey tasting? What’s their favorite brand of whiskey? What does every whiskey drinker need? The best whiskey gift ideas are those that make the overall whiskey drinking experience more enjoyable whether it’s something that makes the flavors better, pairs well with their favorite whiskey, helps them become better at noticing the differences in whiskeys during tastings, or even some unique glassware! For those of you that know what kind of whiskey they enjoy the most, you’ve got the first step of your gift already as any of these awesome whiskey lover gifts pair perfectly with a bottle of their favorite brand! For the rest of you, check out our recommendations with each gift idea to see which whiskeys our experts suggest would be the perfect addition!


Create Their Own Whiskey Label

As far as whiskey lover gifts go, this impressive decanter set and its inspired, customizable label design is by far the most creative! Every whiskey drinker has dreamt of their own whiskey brand named after them, and you can make that dream a reality with this awesome whiskey decanter set. The entire design can be customized so that you can make it a truly one-of-a-kind gift that no one, not even your other whiskey-loving friends, will have! Perfect for giving them with a bottle of Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, or Elijah Craig, the whiskey lover who gets this incredible gift will love telling people that the whiskey they’re tasting from this set is their very own custom blend.

A New Way to Enjoy Whiskey

What do whiskey lovers need? Decanters! And this decanter set is far from average, in fact, it’s downright luxurious! With a set of four glasses and even a serving tray, this set is the ultimate centerpiece of any whiskey lover’s home bar. Perfect for storing and serving their favorite Pappy Van Winkle or Knob Creek to their fellow aficionados, this amazing decanter set is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys whiskey. Plus, the fact that the entire set is monogrammed with their initials makes it that much more of an amazing gift. 

Carson Smith